Investment trust

The 20 maintains the approach of multi-asset and multi-strategy. While conducting strict risk management tailored to each client’s tolerance, the trust aims at maximizing return on investment.

The trust is managed by a team of well-versed analyst with up to 9 years of experience in various financial and non-financial assets.

Personal Wealth Management

Wealth management is key service provided to a selected portfolio of clients.

The 20 ensures clients’ wealth growth with our varied expertise in different assets. It is by the diversity of investment choices that the service can be well conducted in different time, regardless of macro economic situation.

Financial Intelligence

The 20 utilies its wide network of information gathering points, and its various data-mining tool to generate in-depth analysis and reports that could be valuable to different actors.

M&A Assessment

M&A is always considered by the 20 as a crucial instrument, especially for emerging markets like Vietnam and South East Asia.

The company assists clients with