Arbitrage bot

Earn profit without risk

The arbitrage bot helps detect arbitrary opportunities and examine prices from different exchanges and across various platforms. Then it conducts trades and executes transactions on the behalf of investors in order to take advantage of discrepancies, bring about risk-free gain from the opportunity.

Particularly in the asset group of cryptocurrency, our Arbitrage bot directly exports on-chain data from our nodes, attains multichain, real-time data from all major chains such as BTC, ETH, BNB, FTM, WAN, to name but a few. It also achieves real-time data directly from API with more than 50 centralized exchanges. There are currently 300 coins and tokens being tracked, with more on the way.

Fuild Tradebot

Fuild Tradebot

Traders getting familiar with automated trading prefer to use our pre-built trading strategies. These custom bots are loaded with historically-proven strategies that only require you to configure settings in order to deploy on an exchange.Tradebot users can customize extensive strategies with unlimited indicators. There are two options available for tradebot users:

Option 1: Apply a preset strategy. Currently, we have more than one hundred strategies designed by our talented trader team with above 09 years of experience in generic trading & high-frequency trading.

Option 2: Utilize the social bot function with a shared algorithm between users. Each user also has the choice to create bots with customizable indicators & full-scale backtest across multiple timeframes.

Financial Intelligence

Our world-class team and infrastructure allow for a degree of quality and scale that can only be achieved through specialization. The 20 is your gateway to on-chain data.

We provide hybrid models between centralized and decentralized marketplaces integrated with Aggregator to deliver the best of both worlds as well as achieve the best exchange rate and avoid front-running. One particular advantage of The 20 Ecosystem is that it concentrate on deploying DEX mechanism to ensure liquidity for a CEX exchange.


We provide an expert based platform to structure, discuss and present ideas on financial regulatory or compliance issues arising from greater integration of technology in financial services.